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national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. a police officer is accused of sexual abuse and attempted murder and he faces a judge this afternoon he was a two-time officer of the year with the
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mount rainier police department. he turn himself into police last night. brianne carter is live at the courthouse in upper marlboro with the latest. it was a packed court room this morning. in anticipation of this hearing which has been scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon gene gillette 5 0 himself on the other side of below facing serious charges. it includes attempted murder and assault. the 27-year-old will face a judge. >> i am left speechless. i don't even know what to say. >> tuesday, a grand jury indicted him on 12 counts in connection with the shooting in capitol heights. on july 2 he lured a 20-year- old man to his home there the indictment alleges that on officer attempted to touch the man and perform sexual acts. sources said the man tried to flee and the officer opened
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fire. >> i woke up to hearing some screaming and you heard gunshots. i looked out the window and saw the crash and saw another gunshot republic >> gillette claim he was being carjacked and the shooting was self-defense. >> the police who arrived on the scene did not stop at that story. >> he had been a police officer for 3.5 years and if convicted on these charges, he could face life behind bars. >> it would be safer in the neighborhood with him being behind bars. >> this bond hearing scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon was rescheduled from this morning. new details are coming out in this case. >> thank you. we will continue to follow that story. we are following breaking news coming in from montgomery county where 70 people have been
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evacuated from their homes after a gas leak in the 11,000 block of tullipip poplar terrace in germantown. firefighters evacuating around three dozen homes as a precaution and they requested buses to give them temporary shelter. washington gaspers are on the scene and working to shut down a valve. there is six days until default and still no progress in the battle to raise the nation's debt ceiling. the august 2 deadline is looming and house republicans are being forced to delay their vote longer. we go live from the -- to the newsroom. house members had planned to vote on the proposal today crafted by speaker john boehner. the vote was postponed until tomorrow while the speaker draft a new version. it is back to the drawing board
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for house speaker john boehner and his team of house republicans. >> i think we will have some work to do to get it passed by think we can do it been working behind closed doors gop leaders are tweaking the plan after the cbo said it did not cut as much spending as previously thought. they announced that the democratic plan would save $2.20 trillion over a decade. >> the senate plan is the only real compromise we have in congress to date. it is the best job we have in avoiding an economic crisis. a week from today. >> even if an agreement is reached before next tuesday a downgraded credit rating is still highly possible. >> it is important what global investors think. they are the ones that will determine what interest rates we pay and they listen to lots of different opinions. they make up their own minds and
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they are all fully the ones that policy makers have to satisfy. >> the aaa rating is haunting administration officials. >> the economy is in such a fragile position that any kind of disruption is going to cause economic pain to people across the country. that pain will translate into anger with public authorities very moody about how things are going and that will harm the president's reelection chances. >> those on capitol hill seemed split on the proposal as they are on whether or not a compromise can be reached by tuesday. many remain hopeful but some senators are already calling on the federal government to get a plan in place and decide which bill could and should be paid. >> thank you. a break from the heat and humidity is almost over. temperatures will be climbing by the end of the week. steve rudin is here with a look
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at our first forecast. we are looking at a nice afternoon with temperatures already 88 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point levels are very comfortable, in the 50's and that is why does not feel so sticky outside. look for high pressure to slowly move off the coast over the next 24 hours and that will signal a change in wind direction of allowing the heat and humidity to build up but we may see some record-breaking temperatures by the end of the week and into the weekend i will have the full forecast and the potential for triple digit temperatures by friday. >> thank you. police are releasing new surveillance pictures of the suspect known as the serial/her. the new photos show the suspect at marshalls. this is at greenbrier shopping center. the man follows young women into retail stores, cut them on the
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backside and slipped away before they realize what happened. the most recent incident happened at the forever 21 store at the fair oaks mall on monday. everyone with information is asked to call police. it is the end of an era for a d.c. military institution. after more than a century, the walter reed medical center began closing today. jummy olabanji is live with the emotional ceremony. it was an emotional and celebratory. there was the army band and the army's golden knights with a parachuting performance. we also heard in the army secretary and the surgeon general. everybody is making it known that this is truly the end of an era. the stars and stripes stand of the doorway at a place where wounded warriors, their families, and the nation have come for more than 100 years. at a special ceremony, the flag was taken down, marking and
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ending in order to mark a new beginning. >> the people who were the real legacy of the organization, this is an emotional closure for them. for most of our employees, this is family. they have to close down and move to new locations. >> the government decided to close the doors for good. in a few weeks, the center will be split up between current medical facilities in bethesda and fort belvoir this is the head nurse in the wounded warrior clinic and she says watching the ceremony was bittersweet them. >> they have their resiliency that normal people don't have. they inspire you daily. you see them with their injuries and have a sense of humor. >> the crowd was patriotic. walter reed is known across the world. the future is still unsure.
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>> no one knows what the future holds even though we say it would be great. we say this is the best thing for the american people. we won't know until we get there. >> we know a little about the future of this building. all the patients currently here will be transported to the bethesda facility in the next couple of weeks and on september 15 the medical center will shut its doors for good and the property will be transferred to the city of d.c. and the u.s. state department. >> quite a change, thank you. metro is stepping in to ease the gridlock of more than 6000 government workers who will move to an office in northern virginia on august 6. that will run a new bus route between the pentagon and the mark center in alexandria. the transit agency plans to enhance other routes. workers with a mark centre id can ride buses for free. marion barry's son is
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pleading guilty to drug possession charges. he appeared in court this morning. police arrested him in may after they found pcp and marijuana is -- in his apartment. he is scheduled to be sentenced in september. we are now just one year away officially from the start of the 2012 olympics in london. a ceremonial torch relay was run from the canadian embassy where the winter games were held to the british embassy in d.c. runners carried the torch along the four-mile route. earlier this morning mayor vincent gray signed a bill that would require student athletes 18 years or younger to be removed from playing if they have suffered a concussion is being called about comprehensive law of its kind in the entire country. there is growing concern
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about the terrorism threat from somalia. congress is investigating reports that somalis-americans are being radicalized and sent back to the u.s. for attack. u.s. officials are convinced that the al qaeda central leadership in pakistan and afghanistan have been pushed to the brink of collapse. they are increasingly concerned about the -- there affiliate's in somalia and their ability to strike in the u.s.. >> probably the most significant u.s. terrorist threat may emanate from the al-qaeda presence in somalia. >> before he died, osama bin laden had been secretly urging his affiliate's in somalia to target the west. many americans of somalis dissent had travelled home to fight in a civil war. at least 40 somalis-americans have trained and taught there in the last three years including
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three suicide bombers. as many as two dozen are unaccounted for. >> not al qaeda or any affiliate's have come close to drawing so many muslim americans and westerners to jihad. >> the terror recruits from so mali have come from across the country. >> al shabab continues to call for strikes against the u.s. we will not let our guard down that there is disturbing evidence that the somali group is forging an alliance with the aggressive al-qaeda affiliate in yemen. evidence was found of cooperation between the two groups. coming up, a new look inside the terror is on -- moments after the blast in norway. a polygamist is on trial for assaulting young girls
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allegedly. starting this school year -- a crowd pitches in to help local students. we will be
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>> the norwegian prime minister announced that ended in the commission will be formed to investigate the two attacks that killed at least 76 people the intelligence chief says he believed the anders breivik acted alone surveillance video just relieved -- just released, capture the impact. this store is about a block away and the force of that blast shattered glass and the window. the makeshift memorial outside of the cathedral in oslo --
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continued to grow. has become a sea of flowers and candles in front of the church to honor the victims from the attacks on friday. jury has been chosen in the trial of polygamist leader warren jeffs. they were seeking 10 male jurors and two female jurors. the hearing is set for this afternoon and the defense says it will request a change of venue because of the high- profile nature of the case. he is accused of assaulting two under -- under age girls whom he married and he remains a powerful influence in his church. >> is there god. he has told these people he is jesus christ. >> you don't do anything except do what you are told. >> convict of the charges he faces life behind bars take a look at this next piece of a video. a water main break toward a
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return the bronx neighborhood into a lake. it broke before 6:30 a.m. and the water quickly buckled up the street. several sidestreets are under water. firefighters are wading through nearly waste-deep water. what a mess and they are experiencing hot weather, too. if you like what we have -- had last week, we have heat and humidity coming back tomorrow and friday and saturday. we're looking at annapolis. the bay is looking good and it is quiet and dry and will remain dry for the next several days. 88 degrees at reagan national airport. it feels like 87 degrees. 86 at george washington university. over to the beach and we're looking at 74 degrees and 83 at
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washington lee high school in arlington and the dew point level is around 50. the temperatures outside are comfortable compared to the last several days. 84 in winchester. the real heat and humidity is off to the south and west of us. st. louis is 91 degrees and natural is at 90 degrees. all this heat and humidity will eventually make its way back to our area. the heat index readings are already in the mid-90's but for us not bad. it feels like a 70's in upstate new york. an excessive heat warning is across missouri and illinois. nothing for us right now but i anticipate as we move into friday, we will be looking at a heat advisory into the mid atlantic. high pressure moves off the coast and wins will be out of the south and west and that will act as a heat pump and daytime
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highs on friday will approach 100 degrees and i would not be surprised if we see heat index readings around 105 degrees if not more. saturday it will slightly cool down and sunday chance for a few isolated showers. across the mid-atlantic, no showers. there will be a few clouds but with -- we will not get any rain. upper 80's 2 lorton 90's today and temperatures tonight in the upper 60's and tomorrow, 90-95 degrees. here is the extended outlook with temperatures around 100 on friday and saturday and it will feel more like 105 degrees. check out the latest forecast and the extended outlook and the beach forecast. >> the beach sounds like a good place to go. thank you. dozens of people gathered at langston hughes middle school in
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reston to organized school supplies for needy kids. the organization is called kids are first. the fairfax county fire department and high-school students and the two businesses teamed up and died of their time and energy to help load up the boxes of supplies for inventory and storage. these will be used by students in fairfax and loudoun county public schools. >> not, -- coming up -- >> we had a little kid win over the side. he fell about 60 feet and unbelievable, a child's terrifying tumble and how fathers instinct save that little boy's life. it used to the cutting edge technology. we'll tell you what a major car company is leaving out of its newest models. a little later on oprah an all- star s
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an outing and oregon state park quickly turned dangerous for a family. a 3-year-old boy fell 70 feet down a cliff near a mass of water fall. the boy's mother said she turned around for a moment and her son was gone. >> it was one second. and we saw him fall down. >> i started screaming and i did not know what to do them without thinking the father says he jumped off the cliff and when after his son. he was able to reach an and comfort the boy and neither of them suffered any serious injuries. they were very lucky this could be a sign of the times. turns out for is no longer installing cd players. the company is putting in usb
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sockets for digital music players on the cars will have a computer hub so you can access your music library via the web. still ahead, we'll come back
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time is running out -- we have another big ipad2 giveaway on our facebook page and go to
12:27 pm the deadline to enter is today at 4:00 p.m. and we will announce the lucky winners name on abc 7 news at 5:00. the u.s. shuttle mission is over and we know the future of the international space station. nine years from now russia and its partners plan to plunge the international space station into the ocean. the russian agency said the iss is too heavy to be left in space as space junk and will keep using the station until 2020. it was lost in 1998 and was expected to stay in space for about 15 years. think about the billions of dollars that went into creating a bad. >> they did a lot of important research are you ready for the heat and humidity? >> it is coming back. temperatures will be in the mid 90's tomorrow and 100 on friday. the chance for showers sunday
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and monday.
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